Saturday, February 03, 2007

Samantha - Your Personal WebEx Assistant

In December, I had this "crazy" idea to add a virtual assistant to the WebEx Free Trial. The idea was to help users of the free trial better understand the value of WebEx by giving them their personal virtual assistant who would do a quick walk through of WebEx Meeting Center, and get the user comfortable enough to start playing with the service, invite others to his meeting and leave with a strong call to action to get the users to make their next meeting a WebEx meeting. So far the results have been a little overwhelming. There is almost unanimous agreement that Samantha is a great idea and will help dramatically in improving the overall usability and comfort level of/with WebEx. We're actively working on adding Samantha into different areas of WebEx. I would stay...TO BE CONTINUED...

If you want to see Samantha in action; you can sign up for a WebEx free trial here.