Thursday, July 26, 2007

Samantha Update; Making WebEx Mindnumbingly Simple

Finally, my Samantha update....

For those of us who live and breathe collaboration every day, using on-demand collaboration tools is completely 2nd nature. Personally, I've been in this space for almost 5 years, first at PlaceWare and now WebEx and frankly, I could not imagine my life without real-time communication tools. I feel I would be back in the ice ages. Without my cellphone, blackberry, IM and WebEx, my life would be quite more complex. I can work where ever I have an Internet connection and phone reception. My team knows my presence info and how to contact me and frankly does not care where I am. I am available to answer questions, escalate issues and jump into a meeting, regardless if I am at work, working from home or on the road. And since I know where the off bottom is on my cellphone and my blackberry, my wife has only threatened to "do something big" to me a couple times. :-)

That's for those of us for whom web 2.0; office 2.0; mash-ups and collaborative applications actually means something. For everybody else, it may be fair to assume that they may be just a little bit uncomfortable with a web meeting. But as most of us know, once teach somebody to take their first steps, they will be running in no time.

So that's where Samantha comes in; a virtual meeting assistant who helps the user with their first web conferencing steps. I've developed several versions of Samantha and in the first 6 months of the program, we've seen some very impressive results. So feel free to let Samantha take you by the hand. We've even localized her for the Latin American and Spanish market; Bienvenidos Claudia!


If you believe Samantha has helped you become a better WebEx presenter, leave a comment to this blog


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