Friday, January 02, 2009

Cisco UC 7.0 Mobility Manager...sooo sweet

I upgraded my CUCM (Cisco Unified Call Manager) account to UC 7.0 and apart from enabling click to call from my Cisco WebEx Connect account, the next best thing is Mobility Manager.

So what's the big deal you may say. Well here we go

* Sweet part number 1 : Single Number Reach. I only have to publish my office number and CUCM will not only connect the call to my desk number, but to any other number that I have set in the system. This could be my cell phone, home number, vacation house, hotel get the point. No matter where I am I can receive my office call. No more having to publish several numbers to my contacts. I can be reached at one single number, my office number. And my voice mail will always go to the same voice mail box. Easy for you and easy for me. And of course the nice thing is that I can set policies for when CUCM will call the other numbers, so if I really don't want people to reach me, I can set that as well... :-)

* Sweet part number 2: Mobility Extension. If I pick up the call on my cell phone and walk back to my desk, I simply hang up my cell phone, and the call will be transfered back to my desk phone allowing me to easily continue the discussion there. In the same way, if I need to leave my desk I can push the call to my cell phone, hang up my desk phone and walk away and nobody on the call will have noticed.


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