Thursday, January 08, 2009

Experience Cisco WebEx meetings on your iPhone

Do you want to want to experience Cisco WebEx meetings on the iPhone?

When we announced WebEx Meetings on the iPhone at Macworld, we received many excited responses from iPhone users. However a couple of people were disappointed that their WebEx site was not yet iPhone enabled.

So for all of you, I have started a meeting that is free to join. First install the Cisco WebEx meetings application on your iPhone. You can get it for free from the AppStore. Then access this blog from your iPhone ( and then again from your iPhone, click on the link below to join your meeting.

To join the meeting on your iPhone


bernd Sommer said...

Hi Jan

thank you very much for your DEMO WEBEX Meeting ! I helps me as WORKAROUND in Germany.(-:

I will posted this bolg to my costumer !!(-:

Please let the BOG open !

thanks in advanced

Anonymous said...

I've just tried to access the meeting but I receive an error: Meeting has not started yet..

Is there any other meeting available to test?